Afrochella + NYE 2019

December 26 – January 4, 2019: Accra, Cape Coast, Kumasi

Where will you be when the ball drops on December 31, 2018 and we enter into 2019? Join The Adinkra Group as we travel through Ghana late December, Live it up at Afrochella – one of Ghana’s newest and growing festivals – VIP style, and bring in the new year Ghana style!! Tired of doing the same thing on NYE, with the same people, in the same clubs and the same city. Gather up your squad and do it BIG in Ghana!!

Afrochella is a celebration of Ghana’s diverse culture and the vibrant work of Ghana creative & entrepreneurs. The rising appeal of African art, cuisine, Afro-beats music, and business acumen to patrons outside of Africa has been trendy in the past few years and Afrochella will crystallize these exciting moving parts as Africa’s number 1 Cultural Festival. The festival is designed to elevate and highlight the thrilling and thriving millennial talent in Ghana by introducing an interactive event that teaches, explains and explores the culture with a pioneering approach. The day features a festive celebration of our culture in the form of art & fashion installations, live painting, the best of African cuisine and live performances by known and rising musicians. Afrochella is a single day event on December 29, 2018 at Legon Stadium

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